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our craft

We are a happy team of designers and builders. What makes us thrive, and move forward is to make our clients' dreams come true. Our role is to capture their wishes, their desires and to percolate them into an ambitious, sexy and viable real estate project. We value human relationships more than anything at BLR International. We enrich ourselves with the encounters we make. Our excellence is the nectar of these encounters. Whether our job is to deliver a turn-key project or to simply participate in a specific part of your project, we have a fathomless amount of ideas. Our 30 years experience in construction, renovation, interior design, landscaping and pool design has earned us our indisputable credibility in the construction business.

our values

Human relations are more important than anything. This is why we engage in all our projects with passion. In fact, most of our clients become our friends. We are proud to be able to find technical solutions even to the wildest of projects.

our method

We have an unusual way of working on our projects. And that's what makes us unique in the contracting scene. We are completely obsessed about helping our clients make a worthwhile investment. We thrive on the feeling that, thank's to our work, our clients have upgraded their homes and embellished their daily routine. We want them to basically feel they got a good deal. In order to do so, our first job is to exchange with our clients, to propose, to brainstorm and get the juices flowing. Then we dive into the adventure with our clients.

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