5 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories for your Luxury Home

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At BLR International we have been fortunate enough to build and design the most incredible kitchens in luxury homes.  Here’s a selection of 5 kitchen must-haves :


1/ A boiling water tap

In Northern Europe this kitchen must-have is very successful, but down in the South of France it’s a bit less common.  You can be sure it will wow your guests to pour a cup of tea out of the kitchen faucet.  

This tap is equipped with a hot water reservoir that is fitted under your kitchen counter.  It’s amazing! Just turn the tap and, voilà, boiling hot water comes pouring out.  It’s great for making teas or coffees but also such a game changer if you want to heat up water for cooking, sterilise baby bottles or anything else for that matter.



For more info : https://www.quooker.be

2/ A sparkling water tap

Just like in the posh Italian restaurants, this must-have kitchen accessory is a great way to stop buying plastic bottles and to start thinking about our children’s future.  The accessory is installed under the counter top and has a water cooler and a cartridge of CO2 for your sparkling drinks. The only expendables are the CO2 cartridges.


credit photo: Quooker

For more info: https://www.quooker.be

3/ A Berkel Cold Meat Slicer

Berkel is the Porsche of cold meat slicers.  With its vibrant colors, this beautiful piece of machinery will stand out in your chef’s kitchen.  What’s great about this slicer is that you can also use it to slice your cheeses, fruits and vegetables.  Here come the shredded Speck, parmesan cheese and artichokes!   

For more info: https://www.theberkelworld.com

4/ A Miele Dishwasher

I don’t know about you, but unless you have staff, the dishwasher can be the cause of many marital disputes.  First, because nobody really enjoys doing the dishes (do they?) but mostly because the latest mod-con dishwashers that are supposedly eco-friendly dont wash the dishes anymore! 

Our modern appliances are so fugal in water that you either have to rince the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher or you have to wash the dishes a second time once they’ve come out!! It’s definitely not a solution for the planet (nor for your couple for that matter).  

The solution consists in investing in a quality brand.  There will probably be more to pay up front, but in the long term, Miele is exceptional.   Not only does this brand make incredibly good designs, but most of all, the dishwashers really do the dishes! 

For more info: www.miele.fr

5/ Cast Iron Frying Pan

It seems that a lot of doctors and health gurus are against non stick pans.  According to experts, once you’ve scratched a non stick pan a whole load of very nasty chemicals seep into the food we eat, and can be a health risk in the long term.  Of course you can throw them away and buy a new one, but as a must-have we have re-discovered the joys of iron cookware.

We have discovered the joys of cooking with cast iron frying pans and quite frankly, we wouldn’t go back to non stick.  We love the DeBuyer models that come in all shapes an sizes.  There are no added chemicals and once you’ve “broken them in” they don’t stick.  You don”t have to avoid pointy kitchen utensils either as they are virtually indestructible.  They go from grey to black and eventually “grow” a surface that will never stick. 

For more info: https://www.debuyer.com

What about you?  Do you have any must-haves that aren’t on the list?

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