Eco House

BLR International - maison bio-climatique

We built this eco-house in 2010.  The owners wanted to make this house feel like a tree house.

The genius architect designed a house that simultaneously saved the hundred year-old tree. The house is on stilts.  Consequently, the tree’s roots didn’t get damaged by the construction and the East-facing garden could catch the light of the setting sun. 

Because the house is built on stilts, a wooden bridge leads visitors from the street to to the front door.  BLR International was in charge of the whole building project.

In terms of eco-construction technique, the owners opted for concrete walls with insulation on the outside and protected with wood cladding.  With a clever placement of windows and eaves, the eco-house remains cool in the summer and retains heat in the winter.  

To maintain the relaxed and natural vibe, the owners chose terracotta floors.


During the construction we offered the owners as many options as possible to reuse, recycle and upcycle building materials.  In fact, the posts for the balconies and the bridge are recycled beams from another building site.  This quirky design adds charm to this very modern construction and the owners were very happy about this feature. 

Finally, our signature wood cladding is particularly weather proof and still maintains its golden brown colors just like in the first days.  In fact, this type of wood is also a very effective insect repellent.  

We designed and built the pool.  We purposely fitted it with an infinity feature which makes the water line slightly higher than on a normal pool.  The design is more dramatic and actually quite easy to maintain..

Architect : Didier Becchetti, DB Architectes

Construction villa : BLR International

Pool design and construction : BLR International

Landscape gardener : Les Jardins des Arcades

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