It’s Our Anniversary

We’re 14 today! What a ride.

This was the perfect excuse to debrief what we’ve been up to in the past 14 years.  Here’s a selection of our most remarkable projects.

2005 off to an amazing start

Did you know that we started our company in 2005 by building an entire village for the holiday developer Pierre & Vacances?  After the construction fo 140 houses, we were shortlisted to build and design their 1500m2 waterpark.   This kept us busy for months in the cold and humid weather of the Ardèche region. 

2007 our first luxury villa

Fast forward a few years and we were appointed to build a luxury property on the prestigious golf course of Terre Blanche near Cannes.  We build and designed an oversize infinity pool and this beautiful house.  It was a fantastic experience where we made our mark in building cantilever  structures with our highly skilled workers.  The ‘dream team’ you may already know was already in place. 

2010 the golden pool

In 2010 we were fortunate to participate in this very excentric (but oh so exciting) project of building a gold pool in an exclusive property in the Côte d’Azur.  We’ve got a great story about this task: the gold tiles had to be delivered in an armored vehicle because of their value. 

We’re really proud of this collaboration with Jacques Garcia, the famous interior designer who also asked us to build a rooftop spa and an infinity pool on the top of a cliff.

2012 our signature cladding

This was a new era and great for our portfolio that put us on the map for wooden construction projects.  Thanks to our star carpenter, Fernando and to Jean-Marc Barneaud’s creativity, we put together a signature cladding that keeps insects away, is eco-friendly and very beautiful. Don’t you think? 

BLR International - maison bio-climatique

2014 the contemporary villa

This was an extraordinary collaboration with the world famous architect Bruno Erpicum.  It was really interesting to work with white concrete in such a large scale.  The impressive cantilever was mind boggling to put together but we managed to get the job done and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

More about this exceptional project

BLR International - villa contemporaine
BLR International - villa contemporaine - piscine
BLR International - villa contemporaine

2016 even further than we had expected…

This project lead us into a whole new dimension.  Appointed as the architect, interior designer and contractor, we build in record time a private spa.  In this Provençal luxury property, we designed a complete spa complex with indoor swimming pool, Japanese ofuro, a gym, a steam bath and a bowling alley!  We did it!

More about this exceptional project

BLR International - espace de remise en forme privé - salle de gym
BLR International - piscine miroir à débordement périphérique
BLR International - espace de remise en forme privé - piscine intérieure

2018 off to the West: Bordeaux

And finally, we have made the big ‘leap forward’ into a whole new dimension.  BLR International has been selected to design and build the outdoor projects for a famous Vineyard in Bordeaux.   New territory, new challenges and one of the biggest pools we’ve had the chance of building: a 25 x 7m infinity pool.  We’ll have a blog article up on our Journal once it’s finished.  In the meantime, follow the progress on our Instagram stories. 

Of course, all these accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without our audacious and loyal customers, our partners, subcontractors and (without doubt) our amazing team of employees.  Thank you all for your support and for joining us in this journey. 

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