School House

Once upon a time, this lovely little rural home used to be a country school. If you look closely, you’ll see the RF sign that stands for République Française. Half of the building was the one and only classroom and the other was the teacher’s quarters. Before the conversion, the house was in a horrible state : it had been squatted for months and was about to fall apart because of subsidence. … Read More

BLR International - maison bio-climatique

7 Things to Know about Planning Permission in France

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is no surprise that hundreds and thousands expats come flocking to this gorgeous country with the dream of having their own “chez-soi”. Many property owners in France like to make a few changes, build a pool or have a total makeover. In this article you will find out why it is important to file for planning permission and what to do. … Read More

Let’s Talk About Building Insurance

Yawn… for some, insurance policies are the most complicated things to get their heads around. We’ll it’s almost the same for us apart when we’re talking about building insurance. In this article we will try to help you understand the different insurance policies you may come across when building in France. In insurance jargon, we will be talking about the Assurance Dommages-Ouvrage policy and the Responsabilité Civile Décennale. Both of them concern real estate construction. Here are a few explanations… … Read More

BLR International - villa contemporaine

5 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories for your Luxury Home

At BLR International we have been fortunate enough to build and design the most incredible kitchens in luxury homes. Here’s the selection of 5 kitchen must-haves. … Read More

BLR International - villa contemporaine

White Concrete Villa

We built this minimalist and elegant white concrete villa in collaboration with the architect Bruno Erpicum. Bruno Erpicum (AABE) is a world famous Belgian architect who designs luxury homes around the world from Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, to the South of France. … Read More

BLR International - maison bio-climatique

Eco House

We built this eco-house in 2010. The owners wanted to make this house feel like a tree house.

Thanks to the genius of the architect, he designed a house that simultaneously saved the hundred year-old tree. We built the house on stilts. Consequently, the tree’s roots weren’t damaged by the construction and the East-facing garden could catch the light of the setting sun. … Read More

It’s Our Anniversary

We’re 14 today! What a ride. This was the perfect excuse to debrief what we’ve been up to in the past 14 years.  Here’s a selection of our most remarkable projects. 2005 off to an amazing start Did you know … Read More